It takes a whole society, a whole curriculum development and a whole person.

Who We Are

Takamul Academy is a Masdar City-Free zone based company, established in March 2014 Licensed for training and educational e-learning. Takamul Academy is specialized in children's personal and skills development.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a regional model of beyond-school academy, providing proper programs that develop the talents, creativity and innovation of next generation while underpinning the growth of their whole personalities.

Our Mission

To help build a holistic educated society through preparing the future leaders who are well-rounded, balanced and able to meet successfully the great challenges and opportunities of the 21st century in UAE’s rapidly growing knowledge- based economy.

Our philosophy

We believe that each child is as unique as a fingerprint–with his/her own interests, needs, passions and talents.

Takamul Academy aims to unleash and develop every child’s talents through a holistic (whole-child) approach to education in all aspects (Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) and to empower all caregivers such as parents and teachers through professional and personal development training.

Kids Programs

Tafakkur with Anoos

The “Tafakkur with Annoos” curriculum is an innovative, comprehensive curriculum for building a moral creative character of a Muslim child. It was designed as...
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Genius MAP

GENIUS MAP “The Japanese Method for whole Brain Development for kids from 4 till 15 years old” is a worldwide known and efficient brain development program...
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The FasTrack® Fundamentals program is a fun, interactive way to give your child the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century. Utilizing the FasTrack®Learning...
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Evaluation of Potential Creativity

This battery, Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC), is a new instrument that allows creative giftedness to be measured. It includes verbal and graphic.

sub-tests that measure the two key modes of creative cognition—divergent-exploratory thinking and convergent-integrative thinking—in elementary and middle-school students. Psychometric results concerning the instrument were developed, as well as an original, internet-based scoring system that enhances inter-rater reliability. It is a comprehensive evaluation tool that combines an approach to creativity by domain and by mode of thought, allowing a profile of creative potential to be assessed.

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TAKAMUL ACADEMY | Evaluation of Potential Creativity | أكاديمية التكامل

Takamul Academy for Talented Children Development Membership

We've been designing a membership with benefits and advantages to meet the needs of our clients.

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Educational Articles

Our Partners

Takamul Academy understands the real value of cooperative effort and loyal business partnerships with our clients and proactive entrepreneurs. We believe that collaborative relationships help everyone succeed in a business landscape, and strive to build win-win strategic alliances with our current and potential partners.


We've been designing a membership with benefits and advantages to meet the needs of our clients.

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