Professional Diploma in Excellence in Education

NO. Title Date Conductor
WP.1 Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership. TBA Todd Lubart
WP.2 Organizational Assessment. TBA Taisir Subhi Yamin
WP.3 Evaluation of Potential Creativity -EPoC TBA Taisir Subhi Yamin
WP.4 ADHD and Lost Prizes. TBA Ken McCluaskey
WP.5 Developing Productive Thinking Skills. TBA Taisir Subhi Yamin
WP.6 Problem Based Learning. TBA Heinz Neber
WP.7 Skillful Teaching and Outreach Programs TBA Trevor Tebbs
WP.8 Social Intelligence and Group Dynamics. TBA Dorothy A. Sisk

The International Centre for Innovation in Education is strongly committed to improving quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in the education system. This programme’s mission is to understand and enhance learning and productive thinking (creative, critical, creative problem solving, and future problem solving) in all disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels.

The training programme aims at expanding the teacher’s competencies. Our training programmes, which include both on-site and e-learning opportunities, are designed for new graduates as well as experienced teachers, principals, administrators, and policymakers. The focus of these workshops is to increase the educator's capacity to improve learning outcomes of all children. Through a variety of learning techniques, case studies, discussions, and small groups, participants will acquire new perspectives on leadership, deepen their repertoire of problem-solving skills, engage in personal reflection, and build strong professional networks.

Terms & Conditions

Motivated teachers will learn to:

  • Craft standards-based lessons that clearly communicate learning goals and connect classroom activities to real-world challenges
  • Incorporate continuous assessment of student performance into your teaching and help learners become active self- and peer-assessors
  • Use technology, differentiated learning, and content-specific strategies to improve student performance and promote deeper understanding of content
  • Share pedagogical successes and challenges with an online community of local and international teachers, supported and guided by expert coaches
  • Give their peers effective feedback on planning lessons, improving student performance, and assessing student understanding
  • Develop communication and collaboration strategies with a professional community of local and international teachers
  • Work with an experienced teacher-coach, train as an apprentice coach, and become a coach to local and/or international peers
  • Advance their professional growth and earn supplemental income on a flexible schedule
  • Focus relationships among students, teachers, and administrators around a shared educational language and framework
  • Strengthen experienced teachers, develop teacher leaders, and engage the commitment of those new to the profession
  • Help them to achieve your interconnected goals of raising student test scores and promoting real understanding of content


The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) offers the participants, in this training program, a comprehensive and intensive blended (face to face tutoring, online instructional materials, and supervision) modules.


B.Sc. or B.A. in any field of study. This program will be available in two languages : English; Arabic.

Registration Dates

The participants can register for this training program any time during the year. CLC will announce the dates of the workshops two months ahead.


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