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The “Tafakkur with Annoos” curriculum is an innovative, comprehensive curriculum for building a moral creative character of a Muslim child.

It was designed as a development tool to help educational institutes achieve the lofty educational goals they desire, from a contemporary Islamic perspective. The philosophy of this work springs from the need of educational institutes and families for curriculums that build the identity and character of children in light of our Islamic values. At the same time, this work benefits from worldwide expertise in the area of education, especially with respect to character building, cognitive development, intelligence and creativity.

'Tafakkur' curriculum is an educational program which relies on an integrated perspective which develops spiritual, cognitive, psychological and social aspects, to build creative moral characters for children who shall pay their roles in building their culture and civilization in the near future.

Goals of curriculum

  • Building faith, and love for Allah in children.
  • Building self esteem
  • Building Emotional Intelligence.
  • Developing creative thinking.
  • Developing critical thinking.
  • Developing multiple intelligences.
  • Implanting Islamic values and Ethics.

Features of “Tafakkur with Annoos”

  • A unique, first of its kind curriculum using the methodology of tafakkur (reflective worship) for building the Iman of children, and all that this Iman entails of knowledge, implementation and behavior.
  • Works to plant the love of Allah, Most High, in the hearts of children
  • Works to build self-esteem through contemplating over the honor and blessings Allah has given us, while also utilizing universal self-esteem development theories
  • Works to implant values and develop morals and manners in a unique way, based on creative, educational cognitive techniques
  • Teaches wisdom, having a positive outlook and eagerness for discovery
  • Nurtures talent and creativity, and helps uncover them in children; each lesson helps develop the skills of critical and creative thinking, and all ten types of multiple intelligence
  • Relies on the most up to date educational theories of the 21st century, which are cognitive-based models
  • Applies the most recent, up to date psychological theories, all in one program
  • Engages the senses and works to develop the aesthetic sense of the child
  • Fulfills the role of parental education in the form of a well-studied curriculum


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